Android Oreo: Highlights Of Android 8 Oreo

Android 8.0 Oreo with awesome features Learn about the most important features of Android Oryo

The most important features of Android 8 Orio

The most important features of Android 8 Orio

Android 8.0 Oreo was officially announced yesterday by Google but there is a secret we do not know about here in Review Plus and we hope to find an answer from visitors

What is the secret behind selecting candy names for Android OS always?

We return to our main theme of this article after Google launched the operating system Android has seen a large spread and popularity among millions of smart phone fans and was a knockout for Microsoft, which bought the brand Nokia and the addition of Windows operating system and the cause of Windows heavy losses to Nokia because at this time It was the beginning of the open-source OS.

The most important features of Android 8 Oreo or Android O

Maintain battery life

One of the most important features announced by Google yesterday which is of interest to most users is the battery


Features of Android 8 Oryo Improve battery consumption

A number of improvements have been introduced to extend the battery life and adopted a new way to stop energy-intensive applications running in the background. Some services for background applications have been discontinued so that the user can request them again and the good is that it will also provide random access memory consumption Very for both battery and random memory.

And before we continue to talk about the features of Android 8.0 Orio we will show you the specifications of some smart phones that work in this system: –


The most important features of Android

Android 8

Android 8 Orio Remember Username and Password

The ability to log in with ease in all applications faster than the speed of sound by obtaining your permission to write the user name and password automatically. In fact I liked this feature very much as we spend a lot of time to write the user name and password in addition to we forget most of the time .

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Improved notifications “notifications”

We all know that there are a large number of alerts that we receive daily on a continuous basis and in most cases this notification does not carry any benefit or no sense come from applications or games and Google added new developments to prevent the alerts that you do not want through several things, but when you By activating the notifications feature for a specific application, you can choose from which section of this application you want to receive notifications, in addition to some other improvements, but do not want to linger on you.

Optimize applications

You can now open Android applications without having to install them first. With this new feature you can open applications that support this feature without installing it on your phone.

In addition, Google has deleted a large number of applications on the Google Play Store announced that it will attract all applications that harm the user and said that user protection is the first goal and seeks to provide maximum protection for users.

Improvements to stolen phone recovery feature in addition to new security updates

Retrieve a phone if stolen or forgotten somewhere and you can not get it once again, is a pre – existing feature on the Android system, but it has been improved on the new Android 8 Orio system and you can find your phone and determine the status with the possibility to touch or erase all data if the images or Videos or profiles.

New Emoji “Emoji”

Android 8.0 Oreo Emoji

Google adds some of the new Emoji 60, with improvements to most of the existing forms in addition to the availability of these forms for developers can be modified and improved for use in their applications and the possibility of changing the color and many of the features of developers.

Multitasking or as called Google Picture-in-Picture

How often does this happen with you when you want to watch a video on Youtube while chatting on WatSab?
The problem bothers me a lot, if you watch the video you can not do anything on other apps at once.

The good thing about this is that this is no longer a problem with Android 8.0 orio.

Android 8 Orio Multitasking

Now you can watch a video on YouTube and at the same time chat with friends on Wattab with the new feature that Hull has launched in the name of a picture in a picture.

When you want to play video and application at the same time press the main and you will find that the video has been reduced and the bottom of the screen and you can use the application easily with the possibility to change the location of the video in any part of the screen by pressing and clicking.

Personal Assistant Google Assistant

A good news for most Android users has nothing to do with Android Oryo but it was announced yesterday that Google is currently providing Google Assistant on all phones that are running Marshmallow or Noga and will be available for free download from Google Play Store.


You can ask any question to get help in something that was previously working on pixels only and then added to some LG phones and now it will be available on Google Play free.

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