Exclusive Galaxy Note 9 will look like an iPhone X design

In Pictures: Galaxy Note 9 will look like an iPhone X design

In the world of smart phones, 2018 will see the year when Android phone makers decided to give up the effort, time and money to adopt a unique design for their phones and to imitate the design of the iPhone X screen, whether Chinese submarine companies or famous companies such as LG and Huawei. Here is a picture showing 23 Android phone imitated the screen bump.

It seems that most Android phone manufacturers will adopt the screen bumps this year in their phones. But the most prominent who will not imitate the iPhone X, and the probability of 100%, is Samsung; the S9 / S9 + launched the traditional design, and all reports say that the flagship Note 9 will not change its design , And most importantly, Samsung is the biggest name in the world of phones and its imitation of its competitor is detrimental to its reputation, which is still supporting the port of the handset in its phones, despite the abandonment of everyone and the first Apple, and even if you decide to remove the earphone one day, To reduce dependence on wire-related objects, they will place a wireless headset The Fund is likely.

However, one of them thought of the upcoming Galaxy 9 with iPhone design. The result was “ugly” in my opinion, as you can see in the pictures below. So I thank Samsung for its independence.

Also, the designer images the phone with a built-in fingerprint reader in the screen which is still uncertain, and the dual-camera will be in vertical position as in the S9 + as reported.

This is due to Samsung’s habit of launching Notte phones we will wait until late August to see Knott 9 officially. But reports say Samsung will launch early for its launch of S9 early, and talk that the official announcement will be in early August or late July.

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