How to Install Modified and Informal Apps on iPhone without Jailbreak


How to Install Modified and Informal Apps on iPhone without Jailbreak

Many of us have done the work of Gilberick on his device, and enjoy the tools and ,applications distinct and allocated his device as he wants. In every update, Apple has been closing the Gilberk gap until it has been tightened since the release of iOS 11, although Gilberick has many problems and is unstable and not recommended. But to tell you, do not lose hope. There is still a way to install some modified and unofficial apps on the App Store without the need for Gilberk. Follow us

How to Install Modified and Informal Apps on iPhone without Gilbert

In 2013, the well-known developer Jay Freeman created a powerful and powerful tool known as Cydia Impactor, through which you can download iOS applications from outside the application store, through Windows or Mac. We’ll show you how to use this tool best, so you can download apps on your device without problems?

Tools required

  • Windows or Mac device.
  • IPhone, iPad, iPod Touch are all running iOS 9 or later.
  • Latest version of iTunes
  • Install Cydia Impactor

You can download them from these links

A version of Windows here

Mac version of here

For Windows, unzip the file, and create a new folder. For Mac users, double-click the file, then drag the Cydia Impactor icon to the Applications folder and install the tool automatically.

Download IPA applications for transfer to iPhone

You will now need IPA applications to install on your iPhone and make sure they are from a trusted location, so no sensitive data is accessed on your device. It is always recommended to use iEmulators , a great video game emulator with a dedicated iOS app store, iosninja or builds and download applications such as YouTube ++, SnapChat ++, Twitter ++ and other modified applications that have huge features other than official applications.

After you download the application you want, connect your device to your computer, and be sure to close any open programs, including iTunes.

It is very important that you delete any official application you will replace on your device such as YouTube, Snape or Twitter.

Run Cydia Impactor

For Windows, Impactor EXE does not run as an administrator unless you are prompted to do so, because it causes problems including disabling drag-and-drop functionality on the tool.

On the Mac, click on Impactor and click “Open” when asked if you want to run this program.

Download IPA file to iPhone

Make sure your device is detected by Cydia Impactor, then drag and drop the application file that you downloaded and click on the Cydia Impactor window.

Enter the Apple account

Once you drop the IPA file to Cydia Impactor you will be asked to enter an Apple account and password to trick Apple’s servers in giving permission to install the iPA file on your device. This tool does not save any of your registration information, so it is completely secure. To be more secure, create and use another account. Once the registration is complete, the file will be installed on your computer.

Important Note: You must turn off authentication with workers first, to install the application and avoid a lot of problems

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