the problem of the green line in the iPhone

the problem of the green line in the iPhone

This problem suddenly appeared during normal use and the iPhone was not exposed to any accidental incidents, as a bright green line appeared along the right or left side of the iPhone screen.

These users tried to shut down the phone and restart it but the problem did not go away. Apple did not disclose any data, but it replaced the damaged iPhones for these people, and opened an investigation into this matter and assigned to a team of specialist engineers to find out the problem to see if they are related to the system or components of the phone.

The Green Line may be a defect in the common OLED screens, where similar problems have surfaced in the Samsung S7, which uses the same type of screen used in the iPhone X, where a pink line appeared on some screens. Samsung recognized the problem and had to replace it. But this problem is not a general problem either in Samsung or in Apple’s case.

If you have this problem, call Apple Support immediately via email, they will benefit you more than anyone else.

The causes of this problem

TechCrunch reported that Apple introduced new sub-pixel sub-pixels, known as “Sub-Pixels”, to enhance image quality.

The pixel is divided into smaller parts known as sub-pixels and each pixel has three main colors (blue, green, red).

On defective iPhone X devices, all the pixels in the sub-pixel appeared green in a straight line, possibly due to an electrical fault on some devices that led to an electrical current flowing into a few lines of green sub-pixels. If one of these sub-units were to be faulty, this line would have been much higher, according to TechCrunch.

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